Pearson Higher Ed

I know the request was challenging, but the work has been phenomenal. I cannot thank you enough for your upbeat spirit in the midst of chaos. The stellar and professional work you and your team have done will result in many more projects to come. Thank you very much! - John Pierce, Pearson Education

Opera Software

I'm really happy with the end result. Thanks very much for working over the weekend. We owe you one the next time you're in Norway. - Jan Standal, Opera Software


This is exactly what Apple needs: connecting to students through student content. And I couldn't be more impressed by your team that makes it all possible. - Butch Kayse, Senior Account Executive, Apple

Emory University

I was completely floored, both by the high quality of the movies and the team itself. I did not see one person leave without a smile on their face and a look of amusement and amazement in their eyes. - Karen Salisbury, Assistant Dean, Emory University

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