About the CMF Distinguished Filmmakers Network

The Campus MovieFest Distinguished Filmmakers Network leverages top student filmmakers from around the country to produce high quality content at an affordable price. This energetic, talented, and diverse network of young filmmakers creates authentic content that engages their peers in the youth demographic. Managed by Campus MovieFest, clients can be certain that all the necessary resources are provided to create professional, quality-assured products that meet clients' timelines, branding guidelines, and other requirements.

Why DFN?
Network Benefits

Develop a video appropriate for corporate and college/graduate school audiences; work with top student filmmakers who know what would interest them

Choose from a large pool of highly qualified young professionals available to create high quality content on short notice and in a cost effective manner

Unique solution showcases support of students, serves as a positive PR opportunity and reduces cost structure

Empower students to create authentic stories that catch their peers' attention while providing key information

Share your content with the world

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