Ideas United provides unforgettable opportunities to the next generation of content creators and consumers while offering invaluable marketing solutions to leading companies and non-profit organizations. Ideas United is the creator of Campus MovieFest and College Battle of the Bands.

Campus MovieFest


Started in 2001 by four students, now the world's largest student film festival, and still the only event of its kind to provide all the tools, training, and incentives for masses of students to tell their stories on the big screen, all for free.

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College Battle of the Bands


College Battle of the Bands does for music what Campus MovieFest has done for movies. Join this search for the best of the next generation of musicians, with online voting, exceptional exposure opportunities, and battle of the bands events nationwide.

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The Arnold Sports Film Festival

The world's largest student film festival partners with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the largest multi-sport festival to create the unforgettable first-ever Arnold Sports Film Festival. The Arnold Sports Film Festival is committed to the discovery and presentation of the best short-form international filmmaking focused on personal athletic endeavor. We're looking for films and filmmakers who explore the journey, perseverance, and triumphs of individuals who participate in athletic expression and competition, with winners selected by a renowned entertainment and sports industry jury that will include Schwarzenegger.

Partnering with the Arnold Sports Film Festival (ASFF) connects brands with masses of sports lovers, filmmakers, and other creative communities worldwide. Leveraging access to 175,000 attendees during the Arnold Sports Festival, in addition to international reach through the power of film, the ASFF offers exceptional engagement and reach.
The Campus MovieFest Distinguished Filmmakers Network leverages top student filmmakers from around the country to produce high quality content at an affordable price. This energetic, talented, and diverse network of young filmmakers creates authentic content that engages their peers in the youth demographic. Managed by Campus MovieFest, clients can be certain that all the necessary resources are provided to create professional, quality-assured products that meet clients' timelines, branding guidelines, and other requirements. Click here for more information

About Ideas United
Ideas United creates immersive, experienced-based events - including Campus MovieFest and College Battle of the Bands - for premier brands and organizations around the world. Since 2000, IU has provided nearly 500,000 students with everything they need to create incredible short films and music thanks to corporate partners including Apple, Panasonic, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Virgin America, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and more. Winners have earned over $2 million in prizes and seen their creations at Cannes, in-flight on Virgin America, and at most of the major studios. For more information, visit and

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